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Admiring Triambak

Triambak has a peculiar way of showing his admiration for a new thing. He does not exult in loud manner. First, there is a quite expression. Then a smile appears. He does not speak any word in admiration. If he is asked then he nods and keeps watching the thing for a while. He usually comes with fascinating questions.

Here I was lucky to capture his expressions when I clicked him on my laptop after I had installed the in-built camera software.

The first Expression on Triambak on watching the working of the in built camera on the laptop.

The smile which usually comes on the face of Triambak when he approves it.

The admiring smile persists if Triambak approves it.

New Cartoon by Triambak

New Cartoon by Triambak

This is what Triambak has made after the episode of cartoon making by Triambak. This is what I have found made on the sheet where I had seen his earlier a cartoon made before me. He has not coloured it at all.
However, there is complete proportion in making the figure.

Car by Triambak

Car by Triambak

The boy is crazy about cars also. He does not like the shape of Santro, a model by Hundai. He also does not like the shape of Wagon R, a model by Suzuki. Indica by Tata Motors does not attract him.

He says that when he will have a big house, he will keep good cars. He wants a big house because he wants large number of cars. For him good cars are Corolla by Toyota and Mercedes Ben. He also likes Honda car. But here he has drawn an insipid picture of a car. However, he has coloured it well and there is sense of proportion also.

Episode of Cartoon Making by Triambak

I had left my computer running. When I returned to my table, I found Triambak sitting on the chair and playing with the mouse. He did not even looked at me when I entered the room. I glanced at the monitor. I found that he made two concentric squares with nicely tapered corners. It was definitely a new thing for me. I did not disturb him. I occupied another sitter where I usually read. There was some pending work which I was doing earlier. I continued with that work after occupying the sitter. Just after sometime, I raised my head and again looked at the monitor. The squares had gone. I asked Triambak about the squares he was drawing. He told that he was not satisfied with his graphics therefore, he erased it. I just said in a lamenting voice that if he had saved them, then I would have posted it on the net.

At that time, he was using ink option of the Paint Brush. He was just making a spray of different colours on the sheet. There were no lines or figures on the sheet. It was mere dotted splashes in different colours. I gave a considerate look at his activity. Within short time, Triambak pressed the eraser option of the Paint Brush and started removing the splashes of the colour. At that movement I ventured to suggest him another option. I showed him ‘clear image’ option on ‘View’ on the tool bar. He just hummed but again preferred to use eraser. I did not insist and directed my attention to my own work.

After some time, I again raised by eyes and looked at the monitor. He had drawn an oval. While I was watching, he drew two perfect circles on the upper side of the oval. I guessed in this manner he would make a frog or something like that. Then he placed a circle right within center of one of the circle. It became clear that he was going to make a figure of a man or a frog. It was what going on in my thoughts. I kept watching. He drew another circle within the second circle. It was not perfectly placed within the circle. They boy showed some expression of exasperation and activated the option of eraser. Now I jumped into his activity. I stopped him. I looked at me with some confused expression. I told him to save the sheet first. Suddenly a gleaming grin returned to his face. He turned his head to monitor, went into the file option in the tool bar and clicked the ‘Save’ option. When the sheet of ‘Save’ option opened, I asked him about the name which he was going to give to the sheet.

"Cartoon", he said.

Then he spoke, "Papa, Spellings".

I said, "Caaar and tooone. Toooone is t o o n."

The boy typed the right word and saved it. I asked that why he was going to erase it. He said that he was not satisfied with the second eye. Now I was satisfied that the sheet was saved.

The boy afterwards continued with the job. He again picked the eraser and rubbed off the second eye. Then he again placed a circle within the circle. The picture, which emerged, had started making a sense. I was satisfied and directed my attention to my activity. He suddenly asked me to look at the figure. He had made a cute nose and a fascinating mouth. Now I was fully attracted towards his creation. He started colouring it. He picked a colour for the face. Then he tried to colour his eyes. On the colour panel, there were lesser numbers of shades. I ventured to give him some tips. I showed him how he can find more colours. I used the edit colour option from the tool bar. He picked some colours. After that, he framed the colours of the eyes and placed some straight horizontal lines below the eyes. There was now a weeping cartoon. The picture had really turned up as a good artistic creation. He coloured half of the eyes below in blue colour and rest of it as red. It was really an attractive picture. He then tried to make arms. He was not satisfied with the form. He rubbed it off. He then made the legs. He wanted to rub them off. I stopped him from doing that. He retained the legs and then coloured it. The whole picture had developed into a very attractive work. He then shyly said that he could open the edit colour option by directly double clicking the colour panel. I felt humbled. The boy knew how to edit colours. But when I had tried to show him, he just listened and allowed me to demonstrate. There, he was telling me about the alternative of editing the colours. Well, he is a smart guy.

I asked him to save the work and requested him to let me work on the computer. I told him that I would soon upload it. He left. I saved the cartoon but did not convert it into a jpg file.

We had to visit Ludhiana. Therefore, after finishing my job on the computer, I left the room planning that I would post his cartoon after returning from Ludhiana. However, I did not get time to log on to Internet after returning from Ludhiana. In the morning today, I started writing this detail of making cartoon by Triambak. I started writing the above material. In between I thought to look at the cartoon once more. I opened the file. There was no cartoon.

The boy had sat at computer in my absence. He had made another cartoon. He had demolished the previous cartoon. It was a great loss, as I understand. He has drawn another cartoon but that is not all that attractive. Alas, I could not show what he had actually made.

It is difficult to understand the mind of a child. You may think that he likes a thing in particular way. But you are wrong. The young ones have their own mind and liking. You may not understand it. However, now I have decided that I will save jpg files of his work. Earlier I had been deleting his work. Now he himself has deleted it. It was really a good work but it is now lost.

Second Hut By Triambak

Second Hut By Triambak
The boy is really crazy about having his own BIG house. However, he makes the traditional pictures. With Blocks, he sometimes really makes fascinating models. I am not going to suggest him to copy his Block Models on Paint Brush. I am waiting that he may get the idea on his own. On the other hand, he does not like his first hut. He has asked me to delet (Dismantle it) it.

Inlaid Squares By Triambak

Inlaid Squares by Triambak

Well the boy feels really encouraged. He keeps an eye on me. He is always in watch out for when I am out my room. Movement, I come out, he asks innocently, "Papa May I sit at computer".

He is also coming out with his secrets. He says that he had seen his friend Kartick making the chequered squares.

Similarly, in case of the Design, it was taught to him by his Madam, Ms. Navroop Kaur. He emphasized that the bubble forms, which was made on my suggestion was his own idea. He called them flowers. I suggested that to me they looked like clouds. He consented to my view.

In case of the star, he revealed his source of inspiration. He apprised me that he had virtually copied the star from one of his book.

Squares by Triambak

Squares by Triambak
The boy has strong likes and dislikes.

Earlier he made a design full of circles. He was making it nicely. I left him on his own. He came to me to help him save his document. But when I reached the monitor, I found the above drawn chequered design. I enquired about the earlier designs. He showed his dissatisfaction with his earlier design and apprised me that he had deleted the earlier one. Then he asked me the spellings of 'squares' so that he could save the design. It is now displayed above.

Star by Triambak

Star by Triambak

Today Triambak sought permission to use the computer. I was reading newspaper so I permitted him.

I checked the My Document and found this new file in the folder. The boy himself has saved the file and named it. So, he was right that he knew how to save. This time he has given a file name also.

Hut of Triambak

Hut by Triambak

The Hut is drawn by Triambak. I had foolishly deleted a hut picture drawn by him earlier. Today, he has drawn another one.

A Design by Triambak and Gratitude to Teachers

I was happy after posting the paint brush files of my son on my blog at Paint Brush of Triambak. I called him and showed him the display. He was also excited and elated. The guy is really a master in hiding his happiness. I know it when he is happy because I am his father and know him since his childhood. There was that typical quite posture and little smile on his face which conveyed to me that the boy was happy. It is other thing that after watching television and movies, he has borrowed some gestures of exultation. However, when he is expressing his normal feelings, he never shows his jubilation. He just becomes mum. You can only judge his happiness from his brightened eyes.

He tried to read the comments which I had placed against each display. He was more attracted towards the second display which I have titled as "The Greeting Card by Triambak". I helped to remind him that when it was made. He soon recollected and told me that it was when he was in nursery class that he had drawn that. I made some alteration to the comment which I had written there. He also enquired about a file in which he had drawn a house. I apologized to him that I had deleted that. He did not show any reaction. I suggested him that he should always save whatsoever he would do on computer and I proposed that I would display it on the blog.

A Design by Triambak

On the whole, he was happy. I was sitting on my chair placed before me computer table. The keyboard was just before me and had covered it as I was just sitting before the computer. He was sitting on my left side away from the computer. The mouse was just before him. I had placed my right hand on the mouse. Suddenly he spoke, "Pappa, May I draw one more picture like these ones!" I allowed him. He asked me to remove my hand from the mouse. He virtually grabbed it from me. Now there he was. He got hold of the mouse. Clicked start. Entered Programmes. Moved to Accessories and reached the paint. He opened a new file. The rest was a spectacle to watch. I watched him using the control panel. I accept that there were some operations which I did not know about in the Paint Brush. I just watched how he moved the cursor. Enlarged it. Then reduced it. Soon, I believe, within three two four minutes, he drew the presented figure. Then he asked me to save it. I clicked the save option and simultaneously inquired if he knew how to save. He nodded in affirmation. I then asked about naming the file. He immediately came up with the name. He asked me to save it as a ‘Design’. I did as he directed. I was actually amazed at the speed at which he had made this drawing. While looking at the Design I just remarked that the corners of the Design are empty. He immediately grabbed the mouse and performed some more actions on the sheet. I found it really amazing. I just kept admiring what he was doing. I again pushed ctl+s and saved the document. I was really proud of him.

A Gratitude:

Here I want to pay my gratitude to the teachers of my son Triambak.

I first remember Mrs. Ahluwalia. She was her teacher at Pre-Nursery School. She is the owner of Little Flower Play Way School, Passian Chownk, Phillaur. The same Passian Chownk where Shradaram Phillauri, the author Om Jai Jagdeesh Hare, the Punjabi Vartak and probably the first Novelist of Hindi and the first revolutionary of Punjab. It is Mrs. Ahluwalia who introduced him to colours, shapes and alphabets.

I then remember Vanita and Viney. It was Vanita at Victoria International Public School, Phagwara, who taught her in Nursery class. He can now easily read and write. He can understand English and makes good attempts to speak in English also. It is all because of her, that he is quite good in Hindi and English. Viney, her husband, encouraged him to use computer. The comfortable level which he had shown with mouse and the control panel was imparted to him by Vaneet. It is other story that the owner of the school, whose only qualification is that he is a rich man but hardly tenth pass, does not have the vision to retain teachers like Viney and Vanita. No doubt, I have learnt that he remembers them. This is not a story of VIPS only. It is a general trend now and bane of education in India.

I just asked Triambak that how he should pay his gratitude to Vaneet who has taught him the computer so well, he said that it was not Vaneet who had taught him those drawings. He said that it was his present teacher Ms. Navroop, who had showed him how to use the pain brush. Well this is what he thinks. I know that Vaneet has also played a role in it. I just then quizzed him about Vaneet. He told that Vaneet just allowed using the computer in his room. Well, it is what the child feels for his teacher. I pay my gratitude to Ms. Navroop Kaur also.

If someone reads this post, then I will just ask the reader to remember the teachers of Nursery and Primary School Teachers. They are the people who lay the foundation of the future of the child. But Alas, the society does not pay respect to this section of society, this section of experts. They are ready to respect the Doctors, Engineers, Professors and Bureaucrats. But, I strongly believe that these primary teachers are the real builders. Just a few days back, an article on blogging by school teachers had appeared in USA Today in which Elementary History Teacher has been featured. The teacher while reflecting on the article has given her impression separately on her blog. She writes , "I was quoted in the article saying, "As a teacher, I feel like people don’t listen to me. Parents don’t listen to me, politicians don’t listen to me, the media doesn’t listen to me---but everyone tries to tell me how to do my job.""

She further writes, "I could have probably added some other groups in the mix such as some researchers, authors, pundits and the biggie for me…my professional educational organization (union)."

She continues in one of the paragraph as, "We are the ones that sit across from the student, one-on-one, witnessing the child’s behavior, witnessing the child’s thought processes, redirecting the child, celebrating accomplishments with the child, and picking up the pieces by changing course to give it a go again when there is failure. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying politicians, parents, the media, etc. don’t have a right to be part of the conversation. They do, but so often we only hear they are right, and we are wrong. I’m the one sitting there with the child." She was rather annoyed with some of the remarks she received. But the thing is that the society has to learn, that it is teacher at this stage of life of a human being which matters. But the society do not respect and recognize their work. This is how we treat them.

Now, kindly do not shrug off by saying that is about America. What about India? The politicians say that teachers are available for 500 rupees a month. This is how we rate them. It is they who make us. But we never recognize them. When a son or daughter is successful in their life and establish themselves in their profession, the parents proudly say that it is their nurturing which has played the vital role. Even the people, who make it good in life, do not remember their nursery or primary teachers. They may have expired when one starts reaping the fruits in life. The successful toddlers who are then globe trotters, never once ever think about them.

Anyhow, I also pay my tribute to my nursery teacher Mrs. Khurana of Bal Vikas, Late Mrs. Hardev Kaur of Government Senior Secondary School sector 16, Chandigarh, Madam Shaminder, Madam Brar, Sir Purohit and my Physics teacher (This is how you some times remember the teachers, only the subject of the teacher) who taught me at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Patiala.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

When I get home

I'm going to tell Shiva
 all my troubles
When I get home
 till then
 I'm on my own

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mediterranean Stupor

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were their epic men. Crete, Mycenaean and Minoans were their seeds. Egypt and Babylon were recognized but underrated. Russel declared with pride accompanied with surprise the sudden rise of civilization in Greece. Sir Arthur Evan, the archaeologist, is the force, authority, testimony and validity behind that claim. The inheritance, like the origin of Virgin Mary, writing and mathematics are recognized but imperiousness of a claimant who does not suggest but emphatically tell that it is he who is right. Even Collingwood depicts similar attitude. I quote, “By what steps and stages did modern European idea of history come into existence? Since I (Collingwood here) do not think that any of these stages occurred outside Mediterranean region ... I am precluded from saying anything about about historical thought in China or in any other part of the world except the region I have mentioned.” Russel is surprised. Collingwood is precluded. The forces outside them decide that they adopt the premises that the counting begins and the action germinates from Mediterranean region. The English intellectuals of later nineteenth century are mainly the soldiers who fought positivism which had emerged by eighteenth century. Nature became a subject of invasion when they raised the army of positivism fighting the positivism. After all, how could they see the defeat of Christian theology? However, Nature yielded them the thoughts but there were thoughts before that also. The conflict was resolved by criticizing positivism outwardly but at inner side, they remained the soldiers of positivism. That positivism made them fight two wars. The two wars defeated positivism. They again went back to eighteenth century. The next stage has yet to come. Will they now seek surprises outside the Mediterranean Region.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Nothing Not Even Nothing

There was nothing. Not even Nothing. 

In Vedic literature, there is a proposition which goes somewhat like this. 

O Brahman, give me one such question, answer to which answers all the questions.

The above prayer is starting and end of all dilemmas. But no, it is not so. It is not the beginning and end. The beginning was the first assumption. The statement is that O Brahman give me one such assumption that gives that question, answer to which answers all the questions. However, all such propositions will not satisfy in ultimate. It would not give the ultimate satisfaction. There is a reason for that. All such propositions are seated in Brain. Brian has emerged when the first assumption came into being. The Brain has emerged and evolved and with it the first assumption came into being. Probably a creator created it. It was a proposition preceding the creator even. Was it a Void? No. Even before the void, there was a preceding proposition. It was not an anti-void. it was just a 'not'. 

However, all such propositions are seated in Brain. Brain perceives it but it was already there hidden and written in the Brain. Those propositions which brain perceived were already there and the bunch or set of those propositions were thoughts in their true nature. The set of thoughts is mind. Mind was there in the Brain. But Brain perceives only to a limit. Nature has not yet grown a brain wherein the whole Mind get the life. Mind is there, making Brain to seek the first assumption and then the ultimate question and finally the complete and final answer. But is has not grown enough to perceive all that Mind makes it to seek for which it is not fully equipped. On the other other hand, the first assumption became the solution for every next issue. A God was created. Mathematics was created. Society was created. Money was created and even knowledge was created. Brain is there because nature is there. Nature remains and creates. Whatsoever it creates, it grows and then degenerates. Somewhere the nature is also dying. The thing which remains is the 'Nothing'.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Theory of Language

Theory of Language

Special Note: The essay is open to alteration, modification, addition and editing.
It had been written before I read a book on post modernism. After reading the book, I brought out this writeup which remained stacked in my notes.

The actual truth is beyond the reach of language. Language is mere a codification of sounds. There are numerous languages. Numerous statements in numoerous languages about a single truth can exist. Numerous people knowing numerous languages may say the same thing in their respective speech but they may not understand each other even if they may be talking about the same thing of the same dimension. This the actual truth about the language. It conveys that the truth exists and can exist without a language. The truth can be preceived and the language may fail to convey it.

However in a day to day life we live in the world of langauge and sound. It is so much prevalent that we just forget the actual activity and just respond to the langauge. Sometimes it happends that language is misuded to cheat and intentionally misuded to convey something else. With that a new world keep on emerging.

Page 2
Language is a subtle and sophisticate process of codificiation. It is inate to the brain. Even if all the languages are just snapped and liquidated in a snap of a second, the brain will again discover and invent it. It may be a hypothesis but here it is emphasizing a truth that it is a natural ability of the brain to invent the codifiction. Uttering sounds, making gestures and looking at the things to sooath the mind or convey something are all the internal procedures of making cofification.

It seems that those who reached a level of spiritual achievement, they have discovered a new language, a new set of symbols and a new grammar. The pure truth conveys or transmit a new set of rules of languages. These people have not shared it with the rest of the humanity that particular language. They have tried to convey those truths in some langauges,

Page 3
like in Sanskrit, Latin, Greece, Hebrew etc. but then they also placed restrictions on its spread. As a result the langauges referred above have suddenly become out of use.

Another feature of Language: The motive of langauge is to communicate, to transmit and exchange. But what is the thing which it communciates, transmits and exchanges? It is the factum which is at the core of the activity. However the sounds produced and the symbols made are not the actual factum. They correspond to the 'factum'. They are never in a position to touch the factum. You have an abstruse thought. You are troubled because you are not able to pinpoint it. You use a number of sentences to say that thing. Suddenly you locate an assertion which is near to that factum. You feel relieved and soothed. But that assertion is not the prefect expression of the factum. But you stop there and then. It becomes the

page 4
cause of confusion.

The world of marketing and shrewd politicians and businessmen know about the above mechanism. They dod not talk much. They actually play the mind game. The mind game is nothing but an attempt to play on the gap between language and what actually it is conveying in place of what actaully is the factum.

If you want to live a fruitful life, the real life and the actual life, then you must be attentive to real nature of the langauge and the mechanisms which exists behind it.

The another scenario which can be explained as well as the scenario that can act as an evidence for it is the field of music. The notes, the strokes, the tabs are set of sound symbols which are treated in a different way by the experts and musicians. An illiterate to the field of music, which I mean to say, a person who does not know th egrammar of music, who does not know how to play a meaningful note on a muscial

Page 5
instrument, even he can enjoy the music. There people, who do not know anyting about the grammer of music, but they sometimes are the expert listerns who can tell like an expert that which music is right and perfect and which one is out of ruthm. Most of the people enjoy music. Why is it so? Music sooathes, Music touches you. But what is in you that is sooathened? What is in you that is touched in you? It is the 'factum' which is the answer. The factum is something which is real and exist even without the existance of humanity. The language is there for that factum. But in actual use we become oblivious of the real activity which is going on and become prisoners of the langauge. It is again because of the language. The langauge is not the true replica of the factum. It is corresponding to a factum. It can be ultered

page 6
in numerous sets of sounds for a single factum. But simlutaneously it is creating its own owrld. The humanity posess it. It uses it but become oblivious of the true activity. It starts giving importance to the utterances but not to the actual core which is behind it.

Physic Remedies:
The above theory if understood and imbibed well, can be effectively used to correct numerous physic maladies. It is highly useful for correcting or at least controlling phases of anger, angst, and despondencies.

Silence Please:
This phrase 'Silence Please' is highly effective remedy. You may call it a mantra. However, in order to get benefit out of it, one must understand the talk, thought and theory behind it. Ou can start re-reading the essay from the beginning.however, some fo the points which must be gleaned and carried along in order to exploit the efficacy of 'Silence Please' are collected the following paragraph.

Page 7:
You must give recognization to 'Language'. Now, here, it can be called 'your speech'. Secondly you have to get into the core of the theory that our speech or language is merely a codification of some thought or factum. The sounds which you produce or speak in order to convey some meanging or message or a communication is merely a codification build by your brain but behind it lies some other fact which you call 'factum' or 'thought'. ( Kindly note, the ideas here are different from the 'Ghost in the Machine'. Here it has been borrowed from the theories dominating the computer languages which in turn are being derived from the working of the brain.)

Page 8
Nature of Thought and Language:
The heading can be reframed. It should be called the nature of relation betwen language and thought.

'Language' or 'an assertion' or 'a statement' is corresponding to a thought or factum. It is never an exact replication of the factum. The same thought can be conveyed by different means. The fatum may visit and cause an effect without allowing itself to be identified. It practical terms, the use of language or other means of transmission in form of a set of symbols, are practical and efficacious in use. You can not completely depend on it. You can only have faith in its efficacy. The factum/thought is paramount.
The above theory can give new interpertation to psychonalaysis and sub concious theories. Freud was using language to reach the inner psychic world. The thought had made its presence felt to him and he was expressing it in words. The rest of his efforts of giving clinical reports and

page 9
and making experiments were mere rituals to make his work earn the certification of being scientific.

Mathmaticians and the act of doing mathematics is th real activity. Therein, the thought acquires a new form and it is the mathematic notations which are meant here. The mathematic notations are the set of symbols which only a mathematician understands. It is his language. Similar thing is more clear and apparent in writing a computer programmes especially for compilers.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Best Season for reading

Dan Abbe of Book Search Support Team of Books Google dot com believes that it is the warm climate of summer which is more appropriate time to read. He knows that in cosy environment inside the house during the winter can also be a good idea for reading. However, he finally believes that it is the summer which is the best time to read.
I quote,
I do think summer is the best time to read a book. Some might say it would be winter, because you’re inside so much, but I’m not so sure about that. Something about heat makes it even more pleasant to read: coldness demands motion, or at least bundling up, but the paltry effort required to turn a page is suited to a warm day.”
Dan come to India in June/July months to Northern regions. You will learn about the right climate for reading. By sitting in Mountain View or region around that, you may enjoy the leisure ideas from Japan. But it was in India that Buddha got enlightenment and it was not in the summer season.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How to select a correct religion

First of all I seek pardon if I am offending any of the reader by my diction and formation of the title. I am not much concerned about religion as such. I am not an atheist even. I do not consider myself noble and superior enough to comment on religion or religiosity. I am rather a most ignorant creature in the world who happens to live among the books or digitized facsimiles and pdfs. I am like a silver fish hiding in the bindings of the books and when anyone rearranges or opens the books, it runs for a cover in fear of death. I may be called an atheist but at present stage of my life, I wish to respect every religion. I may be critical of each religion but if someone calls me to pass a verdict if I am so sound in criticising every religion, then as a criminal who has realised his crime, I would seek an earnest pardon.

However, here I am quoting Lala Hardyal, who had in a way suggested a method to a select a religion in his book “Hints for self Culture”, chapter 1, page 10.

Astronomy elevates and inspires your soul, and gives you the purest poetry of Science. Thus it develops your imagination and ennobles your emotional life. But it does much more. Now, it is of the first importance for a civilized man or woman to have some sound and scientific ideas about Cosmogony. False Cosmogony has been the basis of false religion and false re1igion is as dangerous for you as a pet snake. It is your duty to understand the scientific theories of the origin, evolution, and destiny of the Universe. All religions, from the crudest African fetishism to the most advanced modem cults, have taught some sort of Cosmogony. Their peculiar superstitions are always derived from their doctrines about the origin and destiny of the Universe. There lies the root of the evil. If you wish to choose a religion that will lead you to Truth and Life, and not to Error and Death, then you must first have the right notions about Cosmogony. If your Cosmogony is wrong, your religion will also be all wrong, and then yours will be a wasted life.

Astronomy will free your mind from your inherited superstitions in this respect.